About CCI Properties

Honoring the history of our city by breathing new life in to some of its finest buildings and offering them for rent.

The diversity of our property portfolio allows us to bring the best in historic commercial and residential spaces for rent.  CCI offers apartments, homes and commercial spaces for rent in a variety of styles and locations throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul.  


Central to our work is an appreciation for historical preservation and context.  We seek to recognize a building’s significance by exploring the era in which it was built, researching historic events and figures of its past, and knowing the surrounding neighborhood. Winner of the 2008 Heritage Preservation Award, CCI Properties provides many options to meet your needs, including Office and Commercial Space, Apartment Rental and House Rental.

“Your company has to be one of the best landlords in the city, and I tell people that the NW corner of Selby and Snelling is one of the most beautiful in town. To me, CCI Properties doesn’t just own and rent spaces, but contributes to the common good of our city by creating such amazing urban spaces.”
— Bryan L., Trinity City Church